Monitor out of range problem

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    Default Monitor out of range problem

    I have an old sony vaio desktop and i recently purchased a 21 inch monitor.
    everything was working fine until yesterday my friend tried to crank up the resolution to max (1680 x 1050) .. when he applied the changes, the screen went blank and it now shows 'Out of Range' message.

    I have tried evrything i can think of but have been unable to rectify the problem ... any ideas how to fix this?

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    Default Re: Monitor out of range problem

    Your friend set the GPU to output a mode of video that cannot be read by the monitor. I'm not sure how to fix it, but you'll probably need to connect it to another monitor that can display 1680x1050. There might be another way, I just do not know one. Another option might be to boot into safe mode and reinstall the GPU drivers, but again I do not know if this would help you.

    For future reference, you need to find and select the option to 'hide monitor modes the display cannot support.'
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