AMD Radeon HD 7570 Problem

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    Default AMD Radeon HD 7570 Problem - SOLVED!

    Hey guys,

    I just bought the HP Pavilion H8-1240T and it's been working great. The only problem I've run into is with the graphics card, which isn't necessarily acting up, just not doing what I want it to (and what I think it should be able to do).

    Being I was held to a budget limit, I decided that I'd use the HDTV I have as a monitor, rather than buying one and not being able to upgrade other components like I did.

    With that said, I kept the graphics cards standard, which is the AMD Radeon HD 7570, and I've been using it via the HDMI cord to display everything.

    The TV screen has been used before with my laptop for a bigger screen and worked perfectly, but the problem I'm having, which I didn't with the laptop, is that the display is either too zoomed or too zoomed in along with everything being small.

    The screen is 720p, but the actual display isn't 1280x720, but rather something like 1330x720 (not sure of the exact dimension).

    With that said, the AMD Radeon HD 7570 isn't giving me the option of that, I can only choose from wither 1280x720 or 1920x1080. I've googled around and just can't find an answer to fix this.

    I currently have the computer in "fit to size" mode, which makes everything fit, but it's distorted to an extent.

    Does anyone know how I can fix this? I'd really appreciate it.

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    I'm an idiot. I never unplugged the HDMI cord and replugged it in after updating drivers. Guess being on a laptop for so long I forgot to do that. Works now.



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