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    Default Internet Explorer.Ink

    On my daughters HP desktop something happened and now whenever she trys to open up any program or click on any icon or link a window opens "Internet Explorer. Ink" View and track your downloads. Then it asks if you want to open or save this file? and either option takes you no where. The only way she can get on to the internet is to open the network first and then click internet from there. It will not allow us to reset the computer to an earlier date. Any ideas?

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    Have you tried this?

    Help: Changed default program for .lnk files to Internet Explorer. - Microsoft Answers

    If you don't have windows 7(or vista), you will have to find some of those "program/fixes" by search google.
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    Well you can check for the error or you can delete some of your recent downloads might this help you in resolving the issue.



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