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Thread: Z68 or Z77?

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    Default Z68 or Z77?

    I'm on the fence about whether I should get a Z68 or go for the newer z77. I already ordered the z68 but can return it to newegg for the z77. I am going with an ivy bridge processor but was holding off on a z77 due to it being a newer motherboard and being worried about bugs.

    How long have the z77's been out? Are they very buggy? Are motherboards in general buggy when they first come out? Been looking around the internet and most people advise going with the z77, a few say wait for it to be out a few months. Should I return my z68? Don't care about the hassle.

    If you suggest a z77, what would be a good one? Was thinking about the asus P8Z77-V PRO....

    Edit: Ehhh...made up my mind already...gonna try out a z77 and if its buggy Ill return it and get a z68. Thanks.
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    Yes... Z77 has only been out for less than a month. But it's basically a polished version of Z68 with more features assuming that you are using an Ivy Bridge CPU. The MoBo companies have added some of their own cool new features and I have heard they are supposed to be engineered better.

    But as far as chipsets go the differences are not large. Z77 has Native USB 3.0 and PCIe 3.0.

    Go with the Z77 if you can.

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    Seconded. Z77 is evolutionary, not a whole new chipset. Very low risk to that as compared to going with a whole new architecture.
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