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    Default sims 3 on an old computer

    My girlfriend has an old dell dimension 2400. I have 3.0 ghz pentium 4 cpu and 1GB of ram laying around that I can throw in it. It doesn't have AGP or PCI-E only 3 PCI slots for expansion. I found a GeForce 8400 GS 512MB with PCI interface for 50 bucks. Will this card run the sims 3 with the pentium 4 and 1GB of ram? I am not sure if it will because it is a PCI card.

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    Unlikely that it will run it decently the 8400GS is a really weak card. I find it incredibly unlikely that the PC has no AGP or PciE slot, i havent seen any motherboards without one. Although if it really doesnt it may be time for a motherboard replacement!

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    My sister runs the sims 3 on her Inspiron 1520 with integrated graphics, 2.5 gb ram, 15.4" screen, and I forget what processor. The game is on medium settings, with 1024x768 res. Seems to run alright for her, or at least, I haven't heard any complaints.



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