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    Default Workstation for Photographer / Designer - 3200€


    I'm looking for an advice regards to workstation for Photographer / Designer. Mostly I'm working in photoshop on a huge files with lots of smart objects, filters etc. Files like this can be huge as those are HDR Spherical Panoramas made from 96 images every 12mpix. In the future it will be even bigger as I'm going to buy 36mpix. I'm also using Lightroom4, PtGui, KrPano, SNS HDR and in the future I'm planing to start work in Maya, Zbrush and other 3d software.

    I'm totally newbie in hardware. I have decided to go with double processor, SSD discs and RAID following by Nvidia and ADOBE guidelines. I have also choosen a graphic card recommended by them. I the future I will buy some more RAM and normal HHD disc. I already have a monitor ordered.

    My the biggest question is about dual cpu motherboard and E5-2620 Xeons. I have heard it might be a better idea to go with one Intel Core i7-3930K 3,2GHz on a single processor mother board. It doesn't make much sens for me as I'm thinking two processors will have more power and cores and this is recommended by Adobe. I'm might be wrong but I just would like to know why and how does it works.

    Adome and Nvidia guidelines:

    Please let me know what you thing about this:

    ASUS Z9PE-D16 [...] ifications

    Xeon E5-2620 X2 [...] -Intel-QPI

    Graphic card:
    AMD 7970 [...] 970.aspx#2

    SSD disc in RAID 10 for system and working files
    Crucial m4 Slim SSD 128GB X4

    SAMSUNG M393B2G70BH0-CK0 2X 16GB

    Cooler Master COSMOS II
    Cooler Master - Leading Provider of Computer Case | Cooler | Power Supply [...] esign.html

    Logitech K800 [...] 00?crid=26

    Optical Drive:

    CPU Coolers:
    Noctua NH-D14 SE2011 X2

    Power Supply:

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    Awesome choice for a case.. Also, I'd go with Xeon if I had the money, they're my favorite processors in Intel for work..
    The links in your post are dead or they don't go to any product information.. If you want future proof CPU why not, it will last longer with respect to the performance it gives provides.
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    I don't know how Samsung performs in their RAM products, but I'd recommend patriot or kingston. I also don't know how LEPA performs in their PSU products but I'd recommend Seasonic, XFX, higher-end Corsair PSUs..
    You might want to get an Nvidia card as CUDA cores will help you in the future..
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